In party of the GameCube’s 20th wedding anniversary, we’re republishing this reader-ranked listing of the Top 50 GameCube video games ever before.

Remember, this is a vibrant list that can still be impacted by Nintendo Life Individual Ratings even now. If you have actually yet to rate your GameCube collection on our games database, simply search for your chosen game by means of the search bar below (or click on the celebrity scores through the checklist itself) and obtain rating to have your say as well as affect the order listed below. Enjoy!

The Nintendo GameCube launched in Japan in September 2001 as well as a number of months later in North America. Unlucky Europeans wouldn’t obtain their hands on it until the following year, however the delay was worth it for one of the best-looking video game consoles of all time. The NGC (sorry, GCN) is an attractive, compact piece of set.

Shunning the jack-of-all-trades direction of its contemporaries, the console focused on doing simply one thing well: playing video games. Its striking indigo colour, large chunky ‘A’ button, adorable little discs and well known lug manage eventually antagonized it in an age of smooth, all-in-one multimedia makers, however it was an effective little box of tricks that played host to a magnificent library of video games. This was the last time Nintendo placed itself in direct competitors with Sony as well as Microsoft in pure specification terms before transforming tack with the Wii.

We asked Nintendo Life readers to rank their preferred GameCube video games, and also the outcome is the list of 50 video games you see listed below. The ranking is created completely from each game’s individual rating in the Nintendo Life Gamings database. However, unlike other fixed checklists, this continuously progress to reflect ratings from Nintendo Life customers, so you can still participate.

We have actually done this for an expanding number of Nintendo gaming consoles, so if you’re interested make certain to take a look at the very best Nintendo DS video games, the most effective 3DS games, the most effective Video game Kid games and also even the 50 best Switch games– each and every one a liquid list that can alter in time. Attempt ranking the video games in them, as well!

If there’s a video game gurgling under the leading 50 that you would love to rate, do not hesitate to find it making use of the search device listed below as well as offer it a score out of 10. That suffices waffling, however. Let’s dive in and also see your choices for the all-time 50 finest GameCube video games …

Celebrity Wars Rogue Armada III: Rebel Strike (GCN).

Element 5 made a decision to throw platforming sections right into the mix for this follow up to the extraordinary launch title Rogue Leader, however the drab implementation of these sections dragged down the whole experience and was lightyears away from the quality of the arcade-style trip gameplay. Subsequently, Rebel Strike is a video game of excellent highs and also crushingly-dull lows. Luckily, the incorporation of the whole very first game in 2-player co-op setting made it worth picking up regardless, as well as it also included the initial gallery Atari variation of Star Wars for retro lovers.

The Tale of Zelda: 4 Swords Adventures (GCN).

A collective experience in the Tale of Zelda mould was something lots of had actually dreamt of for a long time, and the 4 Swords part of the GBA port of A Link to the Past made the dive to the television screen below in Four Swords Adventures. There’s a single player video game in there, however the genuine meat of the experience involved each of the four gamers hooking their very own GBA to the GameCube with the requisite web link wire and also controlling their Link in a screen-hopping adventure long before Nintendo went crooked with the Wii U gamepad. It’s a great co-op Zelda game interfered with just by the fact that it called for a lot kit to operate.

Mario Smash Football (GCN).

Verifying that there’s little that the portly plumbing can not turn his hand (or foot) to, Next Level Games’ Mario Knockout Football (or Super Mario Strikers in the United States) offered solid football activity in a vibrant package with Mushroom Kingdom citizens cheering up the lovely game and including a little style as well as exhilaration to procedures – no nil-nil attracts right here! The polar reverse of the simulation-style that ‘correct’ football games were opting for, this is a fast-paced five-a-side craze that did well enough to obtain an in a similar way gratifying follow up on Wii.

Super Mario Sunshine (GCN).

Mario’s run of hit after struck after hit is rather amazing when you consider it. The assumptions each brand-new mainline entry develops are astronomically high and we’re consistently gobsmacked that, typically, those assumptions are surpassed.

Readily available to play on Change if you have a copy of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Super Mario Sunshine is an excellent game with some indisputably unfinished elements when contrasted to the rest of the plumbing professional’s stellar oeuvre. No, as a direct sequel to Super Mario 64, it is not the style defining traditional everyone was expecting, however with the death of time we can recall and also appreciate the many things that Sunlight does superbly. The joyous, bouncing Island Delfino theme alone makes it worth taking another look at, and if you have actually skipped this access in Mario’s back brochure, do not let its online reputation put you off. The Sunlight Support Force may be recompensing a tad– it’s definitely got its problems– yet at the minimum, it’s still excellent in our eyes.

WarioWare, Inc: Huge Parlor Game$! (GCN).

A remake of the GBA game WarioWare, Inc: Huge Microgames!, this home console version included multiplayer to a currently remarkably unbalanced idea of microgames that mashes with each other little tasks with a time frame to create a chaotic, humorous experience. It seems like R&D 1 were unchained and also enabled to vent their bursting creativity, channelling it into a game without being overloaded by the common Nintendo ‘polish’ everybody anticipates, which offers this video game (and the broader collection) an amazing and unique feeling of freshness.

Viewtiful Joe 2 (GCN).

Originating From Clover Studio, Capcom’s stellar growth group behind the similarity Okami and God Hand with participants who would take place to form PlatinumGames, this follow up continues movie-obsessed Joe’s story as he comes to be a superhero and also teams up with his girlfriend, Sexy Silvia, to protect mankind from an unusual intrusion. Extremely comparable to the first game, it exudes design and power from every pore, although it lacks a co-op multiplayer setting you may expect from a follow up. Still a belter, however.

Homeowner Wickedness 2 (GCN).

Pressing RE2 onto gamecube emulator games called for a Herculean initiative, but this is basically a port of the PlayStation variation with really little in the method of bells as well as whistles. The success of the base game radiates, certainly, and also perhaps makes it deserving of placement below, yet anyone expecting a REmake-style overhaul was left sorely disappointed by this barebones version. Citizen Wickedness 2 is an excellent game, however, nonetheless threadbare the discussion.

Ikaruga (GCN).

The GameCube version of this masterpiece shooter will cost you an arm and a leg these days, and with the Switch over variation of Ikaruga using additional benefits like mobility as well as the ability to turn your Switch over as well as play in Tate setting, it’s tough to justify spraying a lot cash money just to get it on a cute GameCube disc. If you still have it from back in the day, however, Prize’s critical shmup is without a doubt something to prize forever. Still hard as nails, though.

Baten Kaitos Origins (GCN).

The very first as well as only sequel to Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings as well as the Lost Sea, this supplied some gameplay tweaks yet really did not essentially alter the base experience from the first video game. It was launched in 2006 when the ailing GameCube got on the very last of its last legs and also the programmers decided not to relocate to the upcoming Wii. With hindsight, that was a noticeable error – Baten Kaitos Origins would have unavoidably obtained even more focus than it located at the time on the purple box. Surprisingly, it was among the initial video games localised by 8-4, the localisation residence who would certainly go on to work with Nintendo on the outstanding Fire Emblem: Awakening as well as Xenoblade Chronicles X, among others.

Chibi-Robo (GCN).

Chibi-Robo is hard to describe due to the fact that it does not nicely fit into any specific classification or genre. It’s part-platformer, part-adventure, part-amiable assistant game which mixes in components of Plaything Story as you function to assist the Sanderson family solve their daily issues. The eponymous selfless robotic himself is a charming little man who’s starred in a number of video games given that this GameCube intro (as well as he additionally has the most devastatingly charming amiibo imaginable), yet he’s never quite got to the heights of his debut here. Lovely.

Mario Golf: Toadstool Trip (GCN).

We’re rather partial to the Nintendo 64 access in the collection, yet developer Camelot really did not do much wrong when it concerned the GameCube version, either. Including sixteen characters as well as programs consisting of Mushroom Kingdom staples such as warp pipelines and Chain Chomps, Mario Golf: Toadstool Scenic tour takes things up a gear without transforming the video game, making every shelter and also eco-friendly appearance suitably beautiful and also introducing some fun additional modes. Rarely cutting edge, but there’s just a lot you can do with golf and there aren’t several much better methods to spoil a stroll than this.

Sonic Huge Collection (GCN).

Uniting the very best of Sonic’s Huge Drive brochure (and Sonic 3D Blast), this disc also includes Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Device, Ristar and also Flicky completely action (plus Comix Zone and The Gook in Japan). Originally a GameCube special, an even larger collection was eventually launched on other gaming consoles named Sonic Huge Collection Plus with even more Sonic benefits from the Game Equipment, in addition to the Japanese exclusives above. An embarassment these weren’t included initially, however the games you truly want were below and Sonic CD and also a lot of other rarities would certainly occur in the Sonic Gems Collection, so after viewing him for years on competing gaming consoles Nintendo gamers could make a pig of on blue hedgehog on GameCube.

Viewtiful Joe (GCN).

Snapping with energy and celluloid activity, Viewtiful Joe is a side-on fighter and was one of the fabled ‘Capcom Five’ exclusives which would end up (generally) locating their means to various other platforms. With a complex combat system, it skirts right into competitor area with a dusting of VFX (Viewtiful Effects) that change the circulation of combat and also allow you to chain combos and also use strategy to defeat your method through Flick Land and also rescue film-fanatic Joe’s sweetheart.

We have not learnt through Joe in an excellent long while, however it’s difficult to think about a personality who could fit extra snuggly into the Hit Bros. Ultimate lineup, paired with a cheeky Switch over remaster of this game and also it’s follow up, certainly. Make it happen, Capcom!

The Simpsons Struck & Run (GCN).

Not to be puzzled with The Simpsons Road Rage, a barely camouflaged Crazy Taxi clone, this later initiative shares much more DNA with the Grand Burglary Vehicle series than Sega’s manic gallery chauffeur. The shock here was simply exactly how well The Simpsons Hit & Run illustrated the Springfield followers recognized and also enjoyed from the show, and also just how well this GTA parody played. For such a phenomenally successful series, The Simpsons has some genuine stinkers to its name when it involves video games, so this was a really positive surprise.

Beyond Good & Evil (GCN).

An elegant activity adventure from Ubisoft and Rayman designer Michel Ancel, Beyond Good and Wickedness rotates a potent yarn of political intrigue, puzzle-solving as well as examination. Protagonist Jade have to stealthily acquire evidence as she checks out the earth of Hillys in an initiative to aid the resistance and bring down the DomZ, a number of evil aliens suspected of drawing the strings of a military tyranny that’s risen to power. The base gameplay is fantastic, but it’s the world-building as well as atmosphere that establishes BG&E apart and also makes us thrilled for the innovator currently in the jobs. Let’s maintain our fingers went across for a Switch over port.

Exhaustion 2: Point of Impact (GCN).

Despite the frequency with which we do it, crashing your cars and truck in a computer game is normally a sign of failing, but developers Standard injected the Fatigue video games with high-risk delights that rewarded you with boost for being cavalier, and made negative driving a merit with its habit forming ‘Accident’ mode. This sequel improved on the original in almost every means as well as is this a blast to (collision and) burn through today.

Mega Male X Collection (GCN).

Compiling the first 6 Mega Guy X video games into one plan, this disc was a great method for longtime fans to replay the best video games in the series or to catch up for those who could have missed access due to them being on PlayStation. Even overlooking some of the lesser entrances, just having the very first three on one disc was a treat for fans, and also it’s the only means to formally play Huge Male: Battle & Chase (think ‘Huge Man Kart’) on a Nintendo console, also.

SSX 3 (GCN).

Technically the 3rd in the collection (although some don’t consider SSX Difficult to be a real follow up to the initial), SSX 3 put you on one single hill rather than diverse pistes around the globe as well as introduced an entire bunch of renovations over the previous video game, consisting of a graphical overhaul. Point of views vary, certainly, yet this was perhaps the optimal of the series before it began to slide and it still holds up well today.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (GCN).

It’s simple to recall with rose-tinted specifications and also visualize things were much better in the past. For the majority of categories that’s a fallacy, yet when you check out Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, it’s arguably true. Some might like Pro Skater 2 or Pro Skater 4 (it’s tough to go wrong with any one of them, really), however this is a timeless in the skate boarding style– the centre factor as well as pinnacle of the cultural crossover between skating and also computer game prior to the series went off the boil and began to really feel a bit try-hard in the mid-2000s.

Also people with absolutely no rate of interest in skate boarding recognize that Tony Hawk is and it’s thanks to these video games, of which Pro Skater 3 could be the very best. Ah, the memories …

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and also the Lost Sea (GCN).

Co-developer Monolith Soft would certainly go on to have fantastic success on Nintendo systems with the Xenoblade Chronicles video games, yet this Namco-published JRPG still has its followers and stands out on GameCube thanks to a reasonably slim library of RPG titles. Baten Kaitos integrated turn-, activity- and also card-based mechanics into a distinct battle system. Playing as a supervising guardian, the player connects straight with the personalities instead that ‘controlling’ them, which offers it an unique flavour besides various other video games in the style.

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